A construction like a jigsaw puzzle, where the basic building blocks are container boxes.


Nerudova 438, 793 76 Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic


CS-CONT s.r.o.

Architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Ondřej Patsch, Robert Randys, Hana Velčovská, Michal Vítek


10/2022 architectural study


you can see the whole study here

The aim of the study was to design an administrative-operational building on the premises of CS-CONT s.r.o., including the selection of the best location in the lot of the investor. The proposal responds to the investor’s program assignment and is also based on an analysis of the operational and traffic contexts of the area with respect to the areas intended for the development of production. The administrative building itself is designed as a flexible concept that can be easily modified according to the user’s current requirements.

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The lot is located on the bank of the Baska dam. The dam creates a border on the north-east side.