Dam house


the Baška dam


private investor

architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Marie Mikulová, Robert Randys


07/2022 architectural study


you can see the whole study here

The lot is located on the bank of the Baska dam. The dam creates a border on the north-east side. The design combines the investor’s functionality requirement and the genius loci of the place. The sloping terrain profile of the lot and the proximity to the water have been the main principles that fundamentally influenced the concept itself. The house is designed in a way that it seems to be rising directly from the water.

The main entrance is facing the road and the sidewalk that creates a border on the south side. We integrated a tranquil bay that is a part of the public space into our design. The bay lines up with the sidewalk. The ground floor is divided into two living areas, common and private one with an open atrium that connects both. The glazed main living volume enables the visual connection between the atrium and the water surface. Water is a crucial element of this project. The first thing that you see when you open the door is the water backdrop. There is a study and the roof terrace on the upper floor. You may access the upper floor as well as the lower floor via a staircase from the entrance hall. Lower level provides a space for guests, relaxation, and technical facilities.