Hlušovice Farmhouse


Hlušovice, Czech Republic


municipality of Hlušovice

architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Hana Velčovská, Robert Randys


architectural study 01/2021


you can see whole study here

The intended land for the new project is located in the centre of Hlusovice village, within the reach of the local pond. The investor has asked to create a solution, that would extend the Hlušovice’s commercial zone and services; add on a grocery store, a café, temporary accommodation, a storage, maintenance services centre and a drug store. We have also included a municipal library with a reading room.

The urban plan is inspired by the historic character of the village and the land itself, its shape and aspect orientation. The new concept  is based on the idea of having 4 separate buildings running along the borders of the land that would provide room in the middle for a great public space. Each of the 4 buildings are going look like historic farmhouses.

The two main buildings are two floors high and they are facing the street. They are designed with trapezoidal shaped floor plan and a ridge roof. The ridge roof has a hipped end on one side and  a gable on the other one. There is a 6m gap between the gabled sides of the buidings that provide enough room for the entrance to the yard. The main entrance is a draught lobby made of metal boxes that poke out of the front facade. Thin external dormers are very significant and became a signature architectonic element on this building. They break up the linear eaves gutters and they also lift the building vertically.

Additionally, there are two one floor buildings with single pitched roof in the yard. The roof is elongated in front of the facades to create an arcade for the entrances. The low profile horizontal buildings are broken up by irregular narrow French windows and doors. The yard is going to be used primarily for the café, but it is also meant to serve for any cultural or social events such as May 1st celebrations, fish harvest, Easter or Christmas markets and other.