family house in Černovír


Olomouc, k.ú. Černovír


soukromý investor

architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Robert Randys, Adéla Tomečková


02/2018-12/2019 documentation for realisation


the building is under construction

The family house construction is designed on a lot in between terraced and detached housing.

The overall mass is split up into separate wings. We are planning to align a couple of wings parallel to the street. Those two wings would have a saddle roof. Another construction with a straight roof would stand perpendicular to the street and connect the two parallel wings. We have chosen to work with different materials for each unit.

The entrance with a garage is facing the main street while the residential and private parts of the house are on the opposite side with a garden. The green zone provides a calm and peaceful place for the residents to relax and unwind.