Jednota Olomouc


tř. Svobody 956/31, 77900 Olomouc


private investor

architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Adam Bednařík, Martin Karlík, Tomáš Linhart, Robert Randys, Hana Velčovská, Michal Vítek


12/2021 documentation for building permission


you can see the whole study here

The functionalist building Jednota, designed by an architect Polesny was constructed 1970 – 1972. Originally it was intended to serve as an operational centre of the state enterprise. The administrative function of the building is quite dated, so the current owner of the building decided to modify it into a residence. The ground floor is reserved for the commercial units, the second floor is planned for the apartments for the university students and the floors above will be rented to public. The top floor is dedicated to a restaurant with a rooftop terrace.

The reconstruction of the building has been a long journey from the meticulous process of rethinking the initial purpose of the building to the significant changes of the structure to get to the current state of the project plan. The purpose of the building played a key role in the decisions – from the administrative to the residential. We wanted the look of the building to reflect the functional changes – the diversity of the living, the life of the residents, new energy. The building interior flows naturally with the exterior and opens up to the public. We are hoping that this will uplift the spirit of the immediate surroundings on the streets as well.

As we are taking away the administrative function of the building, we are replacing the signature glass cover with a full cover up. We added contemporary elements such as windows of various sizes to break up the unified front. The uneven windows stand out, but also fit in nicely within the urban structure of the historical centre. We are using fair-faced work in the new design. The brick is a typical element of baroque fort Olomouc. The walls were once standing all around the city and along Trida Svobody street that Jednota building is located on. The remains of the fort are still present in multiple spots in town.

These days there are a number of unpleasant issues in the immediate surroundings of Jednota house, but we are hoping to help transform the neighborhood by thoughtfully incorporating the Jednota house into the public space.