Regional Muzeum in Olomouc


náměstí Republiky 5, 771 73


Vlastivědné muzeum v Olomouci

architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Daria Johanesová, Robert Randys, David Schneider


dokumentace pro stavební povolení 04/2020


pro stavbu bylo vydáno stavební povolení

This project was solved as an idea architectural study, which come from the client’s request to modify the entrance spaces. The historic building is complemented by two newly inserted reversible elements with steel or steel-wood supporting structure. These sensitively complement the original architecture and at the same time offer museum visitors new spaces.

The entrance courtyard of the museum will be supplemented with the inserted mass of the new building. It is structure that will serve as an information center, ticket office, information materials and souvenirs shop. The new element forms a link between the main building of the museum and the courtyard wing, at the same time it separates the public entrance area with the cafe terrace from the area of ​​the northern park, which will be used as an external exhibition space.

A multifunctional box will be inserted into the area of ​​the inner courtyard, which will be used for exhibition purposes or will be used as an antechamber to the Wenceslas III Hall. The location of the new building in the center of the courtyard will enable a transverse connection of the entrance foyer with the Wenceslas III Hall. The proposed element has a steel-timber structure with almost full longitudinal walls and roof, which are “cut” by glazed cracks bringing light deeper into the interior. Both transverse walls of the building are completely glazed. The glazing is sliding and allows the hall to be opened generously on warm days, thus connecting it to the courtyard space.