Floating Bar


Komenského 31, Olomouc, Czech Republic


private investor

architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Robert Randys


architectural study 09/2016

Based on the assignment of the investor, who is interested in realisation of the openspace bar at the intersection of Komenský and Na Letné streets, we proposed to move it closer to the water surface and finally to it, guided by the effort to isolate it from the busy intersection as much as possible. The location of the bar on the surface of the Morava River is also related to the plan to widen the riverbed as part of anti-flood measures. These modifications create a new space for pedestrians and cyclists at water level. The supporting wall of the riverbed would smoothly change into a green slope at this point. The transition would form both a staircase for access to the bar and a relaxing terrace. At the same time, the crossing would form a smooth ramp for easy overcoming of the height difference even for cyclists. The bar could also be used by guests who can reach it along the river. There is also a fenced area around the bar, allowing guests to swim in the summer months.