Malá Morávka Villa


Malá Morávka 80, 793 36 Malá Morávka, Czech Republic


private investor

architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Robert Randys, Adéla Tomečková, František Pleva


architectural study 08/2018

The access to the villa is pointing to the road, towards the east side. The current villa is aligned in the middle and lines up with the road. A barn and a couple of other small shelters are standing on the back of the lot. The villa’s neighboring with a family house on the north side and green meadows on the west and south side.

The main task of this architectural study is a modest reconstruction of the first republic villa, matching to the original look based on the historical photography. On the top of the reconstruction, we were tasked to design an additional multifunctional construction that would go along the character villa. We consider multiple factors such as the location, shape, form, size and facing aspect of the lot while designing the project plan.

The villa is intended to be used as a tourist accommodation offering self-sufficient apartments. Next door ‘barn’ is planned to be used as a breakfast room, playroom and a social room. This new building is going to be connected to the main original house by a glass corridor.