Viewpoint above Litomyšl

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A feature in the landscape - The journey to destination


Path above Rasovna, Litomyšl - Lány


Litomyšl City

Architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Martin Karlík, Robert Randys


12/2022 architectural study

“Journey to destination” is a long-term project of Litomyšl city. The city invites Czech Architecture Award winning studios to design a suburban landscape element which would become a destination for walks by the people of Litomyšl. The landscape around the city of Litomyšl is primarily used for agriculture, and there is a lack of forests within walking distance. Therefore, fields and meadows paths are primarily used for walks. The trails provide an opportunity to create new elements in the landscape that will become the motivation for morning, afternoon, or evening strolls. The specific design of the element and its location is at the discretion of the architect, but there is a financial limit within which the project must be realized.

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After more than 60 years the church no longer serves as a book warehouse. It has become an important cultural hub for the city.