The Red Church Reconstruction

Completed, Newly-built, Reconstructions

After more than 60 years the church no longer serves as a book warehouse. It has become an important cultural hub for the city.


Bezručova 1180/3, Olomouc, Czech Republic


Olomouc Region

Architectural design

Miroslav Pospíšil


Daria Johanesová, Martin Karlík, Milena Koblihová, Ondřej Patsch, Robert Randys, Lucie Rohelová, Adéla Tomečková, Hana Velčovská – architecture
Denisa Strmisková – cooperation with interior design
Jan Košátko – graphic design

Ing. Jan Lukáš – statics of new constructions (LOSTADE CZ s.r.o.)
doc. Ing. Ladislav Klusáček,CSc. – statics of historical structures (VUT Brno)
Ing. Pavel Fára – moisture remediation of historic masonry (CUBUS, spol. s r.o.)
Ing. Jan Pavelek – fire safety solution (BF PRO CZ, s.r.o.)
Ing. Marek Lenhart – heating solution (AZ Klima, a.s.)
Ing. Zdeněk Říha – ventilation system (AZ Klima, a.s.)
Ing. Petr Lysický – measurement and control (ELMAR group, s.r.o.)
Kateřina Pechová – plumbing and gas installation
Ing. Kamil Novotný – electrical installations
Michal Svoboda – slow-current electrical installations (MERIT GROUP a.s.)
Ing. Petr Staněk – roads and paved surfaces (Alfaprojekt, a.s.)


04/2018 – 10/2019


09/2020 – 03/2023




you can view the drawings here

Olomouc Research Library has been using the Red Church as a book depository since 1959 and this beautiful Lutheran church has been completely closed to the public during all those years. The owner of this listed building, Olomouc Region, decided to construct a new library building to fulfill the storage needs and so free up the Red Church for cultural purposes such as smaller concerts, public readings, lectures, or art shows. Additionally, the Red Church is intended to be an information center for the Research Library and Olomouc Region.

Next project

The investor's effort is to modernize the passage connecting the busy Spojenců street with the Upper Square in Olomouc.